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The Ascension


The moment your attention is upon your Great Source of Life, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” that very moment your Ascension has begun! Every moment you give earnest, sincere attention to your “Presence,” you are increasing, intensifying your climb to Its Goal. This is the Goal of all Life!


If human beings only understood that human embodiment upon this Earth is an opportunity given the personal self by the great Law of Balance, to correct the mistakes made in previous lives, they would use every experience and extract the lesson from it, instead of rebelling against circumstance and being used by it. This constant return to physical embodiment, or garments of flesh, would be an endless circle of cause and effect if it were not that man has the “Presence” of God within him. . . . 

When you give your attention firmly to your “Presence,” the Ray of Light and Energy from your “Presence” begins to intensify and expand, causing the Rapid Expansion of the Light within every cell of your body until the Earth loses its attraction for the body. Then the finer part of the flesh body Ascends and is absorbed into the Higher Mental Body. Thus the Transformation from the human into the Divine takes place!

The Supreme Purpose of every human being’s physical embodiment is to attain the Ascension . . . .

Beloved David Lloyd's Ascension:


"To gain the Ascension as I did, be consciously aware, sometime each day, of blessing everything in the physical world which has assisted you. Thank everything with the Love that frees you from all connection with anything in this world except your ‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’ and the Ascended Host. Then you leave in the feeling of that Wave of Love, the Blessing which one day will free it from all human qualities imposed upon anything. 

When you think of Me, try to feel Me Ascending; and as that Feeling saturates you, the energy around your physical bodies and the atmosphere about you, the more you can feel Me and feel that Love which was Mine at the moment of My Ascension.

Go forward and just bless everything with the Love that purifies and sets Free, until the giving of Freedom to others has automatically brought your own to you."


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The Ascension

Ascension Decrees

Use daily: 

I DEMAND the Cosmic Light Substance condense into my body, into my mental and feeling world; and be the Transmuting Process which helps me to my Ascension more quickly, the Original Divine Way, without passing through the change called death! I feel this as a Tangible Substance within my flesh body and in the atmosphere about me forever!



I DEMAND every bit of energy which goes forth from me this day, be charged with the Victory of Cosmic Christ Fire of such Purity, Obedience, and Perfection, that it becomes a Magnet which draws me day after day nearer my Ascension! 



Take command of all the energy in my feeling world! Flood it with Your Light, and see it is purified with the Violet Consuming Flame; for I want to give it back to You as Pure as You gave it to me! Bless it with all the Love and Perfection of the Cosmic Christ in all outer world’s activities, to raise all possible into the Ascension in this embodiment! 


THROUGH THE “BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE,” WHICH “I AM,” I enter into the Feeling of Happiness and Determination to have my Ascension at the close of this embodiment! And until then, I live in the Love and Happiness which Obedience to the Cosmic Law will bring me, as It clothes me in the Mastery of Itself to finish my Service here to the rest of Life—then go forward with the use of greater Powers that belong to me! 



I DEMAND everything which must be done in preparation for the Ascension, the Cosmic Law compel It be done as the Happiness of Its Immortal Love, and Its Protection by that Love against anything of human interference; that we may go forward fulfilling the Destiny in our Service to Life, and finish what the Higher Mental Body wishes us to accomplish, until It is ready to draw us into Itself!


“I AM” the Law of Mighty Victory’s Love and Victory wherever I go! “I AM” THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE of all the Powers of the Sacred Fire which lift all to Freedom; which bring me Glory, Power, Mastery, and Joy for Eternity! 

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