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Unveiled Mysteries 

Volume 1 of our Saint Germain Series, by Godfre Ray King, published by Saint Germain Press, and the the introduction to the Ascended Masters' "I AM" Teachings. Click here to read.

When finished, continue with:

The Magic Presence

Volume 2 - by Godfre Ray King. Click here to read.


The "I AM" Discourses 

Volume 3 - by Ascended Master Saint Germain. Click here to read.


All three titles are also available in audio, print, and digital format  at

Contact us via chat or the contact form below, and we will put you in touch with your nearest local “I AM” Sanctuary, Temple, or Reading Room. The member in charge, the Sponsor, will be happy to answer any questions you may have, talk to you further about the Teachings, and how to get started with Introductory Lessons, or Classes.

 “These Books contain the Eternal Law of Life, and will remain the Law for humanity and the Earth for thousands of years to come.”

Lotus Ray King



How can I get the books?

1. You can read them here online. Click on the link above. If you wish an actual copy of the book (not digital): 2. They are available in many public libraries . 3. The Lending library of the Saint Germain Foundation. Let us know through chat, contact form or that you wish to borrow them. 4. The Lending library of your local “I AM” Sanctuary or Temple. Contact us for more information. 5. If you wish to buy them, you can purchase them at (see the link in the Contact form, below).

Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join, and Group Meetings and Classes at the local Temple or Sanctuary are always free of charge. Many of our Books may be borrowed, either from local Libraries, or from Saint Germain Foundation Inquiry (via Contact or Inquiry link in Contact). Decree books may be available to members for loan at the local Sanctuary. Individuals may, if they wish, choose to purchase items for their personal use at or at their local Sanctuary. The Ascended Masters give all as a Glad Free Gift of Love and ask nothing in return but obedience, loving co-operation, honesty, and sincerity.

Why should the Teachings be in English, and not translated?

Everything suffers in translation, because when things are translated, you do not have the truth of the original. All you have is the translater's concept. When the word "I AM" is spoken or thought in another language, it has a different vibration that in the original English.

What is the benefit of joining a group, or can I just keep studying on my own?

The main purpose of coming together is to offer up our energy, through decrees, to the Ascended Masters so They may take it, amplify It, and return It to bless, protect, and act in all activities They know need assistance. There is great power in numbers, and greater energy is released when the power of many can be offered as One Flame. The Great Cosmic Law says, “Send that Power and Energy forth into a world which is crying in the darkness!” Certain Powers of Life, My Dear Ones, are not and never will be conferred upon an individual who will not forget the outer self long enough to issue the Commands of Life and use the Great Creative Word, “I AM”—with which every individual is endowed—in the Service of Light to Life in the rest of the world.


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