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Our Activities - "I AM" Group Meetings

We as individuals, can give great help and service to mankind by joining together, in “I AM” Group Meetings. The main purpose of coming together and decreeing is to offer up our energy to Beloved Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters so They may take up the energy, amplify it, and return It to bless and protect and act in all activities which They know need the assistance. There is greater power in numbers, and greater energy is released when the power of many decreeing can be offered as One Flame.

There are hundreds of “I AM” Temples and Sanctuaries located in most principal cities of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and locations in India, Latin America and Africa, where our members come together every week to decree for the benefit of mankind. There are also national Group Meetings on various continents, as well as Introductory Classes and Musicals.





What are Decrees?


2024 Live Performances: 

Sunday August 4, 7:15 AM - 12:00 Noon


"I AM" Pageant of the Angels:  7:15-7:45 AM

"I AM" COME! Pageant:  8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Summer programs for members and their children are held every year on our private grounds at Shasta Springs, near Mount Shasta, California. The beautiful, peaceful, forested environment is the location for daily Classes and Religious Services, with footpaths and

tranquil sites for quiet contemplation, and is a gathering place for friends to reunite from all parts of the world. 

The summer programs, or Conclaves, have their own focus of activities and service: 


The birth and destiny of America are the focus of the Patriotic Conclave, which ends with the Patriotic Play presentation known as the Deliverer, in which members participate as directors, actors, and stagehands. Watch the recent performance of The Deliverer, below. 

Victory Teen Week is a weeklong program of friendship, fun activities, and spiritual growth, especially for teens. 


The focus of Senior Conclave includes the daily Classes, the Roundtable Talks, and the special Elohim Day activities. 


During Youth Conclave, the focus is on Master Jesus, with our annual live performance of a pageant on the Life of Jesus the Christ, known as “I AM” COME!®, as well as a beautiful pageant on the Angelic Host, and a choir and orchestra concert. Our members participate in the performances as directors, actors, musicians and stagehands, culminating in a live presentation at our amphitheater in Mt. Shasta City, California in August, every year, and is open to the public without charge.


OurActivities_PatrioticPlay_SigningDecl 2023.jpg

 Watch a past performance of

The Deliverer

 A Patriotic Play on the Destiny of America

Performed at Shasta Springs, California on July 8, 2023

Pageant of the Angels

 Watch a past performance of

Depicting the Service of the Angelic Host to Mankind

Performed at the G.W. Ballard Amphitheater, Mount Shasta California on August 6, 2023


 Watch a past performance of

A Pageant on the Life of Jesus the Christ

Performed at the G.W. Ballard Amphitheater, Mount Shasta California on August 6, 2023

 “What you think and feel, you bring into form;

where your thought is, there you are,

for you are your consciousness;

and what you meditate upon, you become.”

  • What are Decrees?
    In the "I AM" Activity members are taught to use the Authority and Power of God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," to decree what they want manifest in their beings and world. In giving Decrees, one should realize that he is really talking to the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" – God in Action. A Decree is either a Fiat of the Voice of the "I AM Presence" speaking through us, or a direct Call to the "Presence" and the Ascended Host for the help we require. The Scripture says, "Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you." That was the edict of the Godhead in the beginning. Mankind has long, long forgotten it. Decreeing is a more powerful form of prayer.
  • What is the purpose of visualizing?
    “True visualization is God’s attribute and Power of Sight acting in the mind of man. When one consciously pictures in his mind a desire he wishes fulfilled, he is using one of the most powerful means of bringing it into his visible, tangible experience. ” Beloved Saint Germain
  • Who are the Ascended Masters?
    The Great Ascended Masters of Love, Light, and Perfection who have guided the expansion of the Light in humanity on this planet from the beginning are no figment of anyone's imagination. They are real, visible, tangible, glorious, living, breathing beings of such Love, Wisdom, and Power that the human mind gasps at the immensity of it. They work everywhere in the Universe with complete freedom and limitless power, to do naturally all that the average individual considers supernatural. They are wielders of such power and manipulators of such force, as to stagger the imagination of the person in the outer world. They are the guardians of the race. And, as in the world of physical education, various grades of teachers are provided to guide the development of the individual's growth from childhood to maturity and then beyond, preparing him for special work, so do the Ascended Masters of Perfection exist to educate and help the individual that he, too, may expand his consciousness beyond ordinary human expression. Thus, he develops his superhuman attributes until, like the student graduating from college, the one under the care and instruction of an Ascended Master graduates out of his humanity into the full, continuous expressionof his divinity.
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