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The Law of Life


Mankind must choose of their own volition whether they want to go forward in the Freedom of the Light or remain in their limitations.

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This earth and its humanity are entering into the “I AM” Age, and therefore the full use of this “I AM” Knowledge must be understood and utilized by the individuals who live here in the present and near future. 


There have been many channels throughout the centuries which have had some phase of the great Law of Life, the Law of the Truth of the Universe. None of them has had enough of the God-Understanding or the complete understanding required to free mankind from the discord of this Earth, or humanity would not be experiencing so much destruction today.


This Instruction as published by Saint Germain Press is protected and stands in its original form, untouched by interpretations or revisions to suit changing fashions of thought. This is essential in order to maintain the Purity and Power of the Ascended Masters’ Law of Life.

We invite you to explore our "I AM" Teachings, begin your studies, and join us in the "I AM" Activity.


The Law of Energy and Substance . . . the very Life of each human being.

A glimpse into some of the knowledge you will gain in your studies:


Remember, the Light is you! Those forms you are wearing are but garments. You have cast them aside innumerable times. -Mighty Cosmos

Your ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ is a Self-Conscious Being of which your outer consciousness is but a fragmentary part.

 -Saint Germain


Every moment each individual is receiving into his mind and body the Pure and Perfect Life of God. Each moment he is also giving quality of some kind to the Pure Universal Substance of God.  -Saint Germain

The Life Stream of the body has often been referred to as the “Silver Cord.” So It is, for the stream of Liquid White Light pulsates continually through the flesh body by way of the nervous system. At so-called death, the “God Presence” withdraws the Stream of Liquid Light, and the flesh disintegrates.

Mankind does not like to hear this Truth, but the waste of the Life-Energy through uncontrolled feeling is the cause of the disintegration of all physical bodies outside of violence. . . .   -Saint Germain

The Eternal Law of Life is:  What you think and feel, you bring into form; where your thought is, there you are, for you are your consciousness; and what you meditate upon, you become.  -Saint Germain

You alone are the Chooser, the Decreer of the qualities and forms you wish to pour your Life into; for you are the only energizer of your world and all it contains. When you think or feel, part of your Life energy goes forth to sustain your creation.  -Saint Germain


A real student—and only such a one will get the benefit out of this kind of training— takes the reins into his own hands and determines to discipline and consciously control the human self. 

He chooses what shall or shall not be in his world, and through the process of picturing within his mind, designs and brings into manifestation a definitely determined plan of life.  -Saint Germain

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