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to the Saint Germain Foundation

“I held steadfastly to a great dominant desire from Within -
to see, to hear, and to know, infallibly, the Truth of Life."

Our Organization is the guardian and protector of the authentic "I AM" Teaching, the Sacred Knowledge given to mankind by the Ascended Master Saint Germain through the Messengers Mr. and Mrs. Ballard. We oversee and minister to the "I AM" Activity community in America and throughout the world.

Chart of the Mighty I AM Presence

About Us

This Instruction is the true and full understanding of the inner Laws of Life that govern our existence: why we exist, our purpose in life, why things happen, and the actual knowledge of how we can change and reshape our own world; and, on an even greater level of existence — how we can actively help and serve mankind, and make a difference.

Saint Germain Diplomat

Saint Germain and  the Messengers

Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds.

Saint Germain Diplomat

Our Activities, Classes, and Pageants

Members, those who study and apply the "I AM" Teachings, join together in service at our Temples and Sanctuaries.

Patriotic Pageant
We invite you to watch a performance of

Patriotic Play

The Deliverer

The Deliverer
Youth Pageants
We invite you to join us for two special LIVE performances!

Depicting the Service of the Angelic Host to Mankind

A Pageant on the Life of Jesus the Christ

Pageant of the Angels
7:15 - 7:45 AM

Click here to watch both events on Sunday, August 4.

(Livestream,  7:15 AM - 12:00 Noon, Pacific Time)

How it all began . . .

Godfre meets Saint Germain

on the side of Mount Shasta

Guy W. Ballard, hiking in northern California, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain on the side of Mount Shasta. 

Saint Germain revealed many things which have been held in secret, and sacredly guarded for many centuries.

“It is the most important Understanding mankind can ever have; and there is no Freedom nor Perfection for the individual, except through this conscious application.”  - Saint Germain

The "I AM" Teachings

We invite you to learn more about this Ascended Master Instruction.

Chart + Violet Flame

The Mighty I AM Presence

God in you

The Open Door through which every human being on Earth can see God face to face, the Chart represents the form of each one’s own Individualized Presence of God . . . .

Violet Flame

The Violet Consuming Flame

God's Flame of Divine Love

By Its use, any human being can Free himself or herself from his or her own human discord and imperfection of the past and present.


The Great Creative Word "I AM"

The Power of Light

They are the signal to all the Forces of Light, when you utter those Words, to come into action at your point in the Universe.

The Teachings

 “You are your consciousness;

and what you meditate upon, you become.”



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